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Online & Social Media DIY Marketing Center

"LeRumba is Global Ecosystem of 50,000 Plus Virtual Town Squares for Community Gatherings and Social Networking; and a Platform for Local Advertising, Promotions, and Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring"

LeRumba offers tools, services, and resources to develop and execute an Internet Marketing plan for your business. With LeRumba, you'll learn and use the same marketing tools and tricks the big companies employ—without making a dent in your wallet.  You'll discover how to attract your target audiences, entice customers to buy your product or services, and keep buyers coming back for more. Best of all, the business marketing tools and strategies you'll learn will fit into any budget—and most are even free! 
When looking for goods or services, our first instinct now is to go online, whereas previously we may have scoured the Main Street, or used a Yellow Page Directory, or found your business via the traditional marketing methods.  However; Internet, social media, and smartphones have changed everything. If you’re not online with a website and Internet/social media marketing tools, to advertise and promote you business online, then you should seriously consider the online/social media and mobile marketing platform of

LeRumba online marketing ecosystem with thousands of virtual Town Squares for the world offers local advertising and promotions to enable brand building, reputation management, and customer acquisition.

LeRumba will help your business…
  • Be Found by Customers Across the Web, Your Town Square, and in Custom Google Searches.
  • Give Customers the Right Info at the Right Time... no matter what device they're using or what their location is in the world.
  • Build Customer Loyalty with Rating and Reviews.
  • Create Fast Business Micro website for listing in Directory, Classifieds, Jobs Board, Events, and offer Coupons.
  • Your Featured Business Micro website will show higher on Town Square and Custom Google Search Results.
  • Market Mobile Micro website to perform organically and execute content marketing strategies [ blogs, articles, videos] to achieve natural traffic, referrals, and rankings.
  • Engage in Online/Social Media Marketing for social engagement and conversion to sales.

Fast Business Micro website for Online DIY Marketing Campaigns:

Micro website are one of the most dynamic and effective means to engage customers and can be used to drive sales and communicate key messages with target audiences in Your Town Square Business Directory, Classifieds, Jobs, and Events.

While your company website may contain a great deal of information on who you are as a business and why a customer should choose you; a Micro website is highly targeted, customizable, and lives on its own in the online space.

Micro website will answer questions and provide information or downloadable material on a specific topic or campaign.We help small businesses succeed online, and have taken the mystery out of online marketing using the concept of branded advertising solutions [all integrated at] that can be customized and launched for the country of your domicile... that's right, any county of the world.

LeRumba online marketing micro website can be developed in less than 15 minutes and updated anytime by YOU...
Here are a few Business Microsite examples...

LeRumba offers Consumers and Families:

  • Virtual Tour: any city of 230 countries in the world.
  • Virtual Town Squares: gathering place to meet, buy, sell, trade, find jobs, get news, reviews, deals, discounts, events, entertain, network, ask questions & be heard.
  • Fast One-Click Searches: for information, services & links to what's important in life
  • Social Network: in and around town to make friends, share, care, get news, reviews, plan events & things to do.
LeRumba offers seven integrated web sites to help consumers buy what they want, sell what they don't need, or just make a barter trade… and also generate multiple streams of second income online by working the Affiliate Partner Program.
Internet Marketing

Marketing Plan  
Main Website 5p
Microsite  URL
          yes    yes    yes            yes
Micro website           yes    yes    yes            yes
Business Profile
          yes    yes    yes          
Microsite Content           yes    yes    yes          
Main Website Link
          yes    yes    yes          
Profile Picture           yes    yes    yes      
Map/Directions          yes 
   yes    yes      
Coupons Design
   yes    yes         
Coupon Bank          yes
   yes    yes         
Embed Video Link          yes
   yes    yes      
Customer Reviews           yes    yes    yes          
Traffic Count
          yes    yes    yes          
E-mail Broadcast           yes    yes    yes          
Refer a Friend
          yes    yes    yes          
Facebook/Tweeter           yes    yes    yes        
250 Social Sites
          yes    yes    yes      
Print Brochure           yes    yes    yes          
Mobile Optimized           yes    yes    yes        
Call to Action
          yes    yes    yes      
Featured Listing        yes    yes        
Host Listing 1 Yr
          yes    yes    yes        
Facebook Page
LinkedIn Page            yes      
HD Video 60s
FBook Ad Design            yes        
Online Banner Ads            yes        
Mobile Promo Ads            yes        
Fbook Advertising            yes        
Community Blog
Comm Articles
Press Releases            yes        
Auto FB Groups            yes        
1st Page Town Sq

 5,000 Web Views
   $9    $29    $129    $199      $299
   Per Month    Each    Each
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Be Your Own DIY Marketing Expert
Recommended Courses and Resources for Online Marketing...

Ready to go? Let’s do this.

STEP 1: Create Free Micro website and Directory Listing 

Note: You only need to register at the Directory home page to get free access to all other editions 

STEP 2: Upgrade to Featured Listing ($29) and get a customized Marketing Plan and 5,000 local visitors to your website.

STEP 3: Sign-up for FAP Ad Revenue Share Program to Earn Daily Income and Banner Ad Clicks to your Website.

STEP 4: Buy 500 AdPacks (suggested) for $500 and re-invest daily income to buy more AdPacks.

Note: In 180 days, you earn over $2,000 and continue to make $50 to $100 in daily income.

STEP 5: Refer new members and earn from 8% to 4% to 2% to 1% revenue share on new and re-purchased AdPacks 10 levels deep.

Note: Your network marketing makes earnings grow faster from $100 to $2,500 max per day.

STEP 6: Create a 468 x 60 Banner Ad and use the daily banner Ad credits [ 100,000+ credits in first 12 months] to promote your business on our website.

LeRumba offers free marketing tools, tips, resources, and the following DFY fee based services....
  • For a small yearly fee [$29]: we'll develop a custom Marketing Plan, create Micro website and a featured listing for your business, show you how to execute your plan, and bring 5,000 visitors to your website.

  • For a small one monthly fee [$129]: we'll develop a custom Marketing Plan, create Micro website and a featured listing for your business, be your marketing consultant for one month to execute the plan, and bring 5,000 visitors to your door or website each and every month.