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Are you having trouble being heard?

9/11/2014 Anant Goel

Not getting the results you want from conversations, phone calls, emails, or networking events?

Well, you are not alone. The secret to success is effective communications...

... And it's an art that you can learn by doing it.

You can accomplish more and get the results you want through effective communications.  Try the following steps and you'll be amazed at the results you get...

STEP 1: Say What You Mean

• Save time by saying what you mean
• Choose empowering words
• Choose the words that are appropriate for the situation at hand and your objective
• Communicate through your smile... verbally and in your correspondence
• Create clear and concise correspondence

STEP 2: Practice Effective Communication

Here's an example...

You're an Attorney and someone asked you...

"What you do?"

If you just want to inform, say: "I'm an Attorney"

If you want to start a conversation, say: "I'm an Attorney that you may never need"

If you want to sell something, say: "I'm an Attorney for your real estate needs"

If you want to put a tagline on your business card [or your website], say: "Real Estate Attorney"...

Or "Corporate Attorney"

Or "Divorce Attorney"

If you want to use a pick-up line in the bar, say: "I'm single Attorney looking for my first engagement"

I can go on... but playtime in the sand box is over.  Now get out there and practice.

STEP 3: Explore and Learn By Doing It

Go Ahead...

You can do it and...

* Produce positive outcomes from both casual and crucial conversations

* Maximize the results in meetings

* Build trust and reinforce relationships

* Close more deals.
One final suggestion...

There is tons of information on D2GO2 website... use it. And feel free to give a like and share your comments on D2GO2 Facebook page.

Cheers and we'll see you soon.
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