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Best Pico Projector for Global Market Expected to be 10 Billion Dollars by 2020

2/3/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel

Pico projector, also known as pocket projector, handheld projector or mobile projector is an image projector used to project image through a handheld device. These projectors are also inbuilt in various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc., and so it is popular as pocket or pico projector. These are miniature video, image or personal digital assistance (PDAs) projectors which could be used in various applications where there is a need of projecting information on larger screens.

There are three very interesting developments taking place right now─ that will create huge additional markets globally for pico projectors, and it is gaining momentum. Consider this…  

  • Survey show that consumers want news, sports, podcast, webinars, movies and their favorite shows on the go… as with dedicated mobile TV or Apps on their digital devices like smartphones, tablets, etc;
  • Consumers want their mobile TV to also double-up as a multimedia large screen entertainment center in the living room or in the bedroom… as in mobile TV with a pico projector… embedded or as an accessory. 
  • Dozens of companies around the globe now offer mobile TV Apps that you can download on your internet connected digital devices.

There is no denying that we all have, at one time or the other, wished a large screen TV experience in the bedroom. However, there are so many issues with the TV in the bedroom that we stay in the living room… but still dream about the bedroom TV.

Well dream no more. Bedroom TVs for multimedia large screen viewing are here.

All you have to do is buy a dedicated mobile TV [or download a Mobile TV App on your internet connected digital device like iPhone or iPad] and connect to a laser pico projector MP-CL1A by SONY or PicoPro from Celluon.   Put the two together [with a JBL micro speaker] and what you get is a Mobile TV Projector that serves-up multimedia large screen HD viewing experience on the ceiling [or a wall] in your bedroom. And not only that, during the day and early hours of the evening, little Jonny can watch his favorite science channel or toons on “Nickelodeon”.       

Free and paid subscription mobile TV [on a cell phone] is very popular in few countries in Asia/Pacific, specifically Japan, South Korea, and India.  Currently, mobile TV in the US is not as popular as it is in Asia/Pacific… but the market is growing very rapidly.

Mobile TV in Your Bedroom and Living Room

The mobile projector that replaces the HD TV in the living room… and is cheaper, better, sharper… and certainly not an overly involved home-cinema choice?

SONY MP-CL1 is the tiny projector that throws bright image of up to 120 inches across, and plugs into anything from an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or to a home entertainment system.

But before you hurl your HD flat screen TV into the dumpster that so recently held your old 'fat-back' TV, we should point out that these 'Pico projectors' are more suited for life in bedrooms rather than prime time in your living room… but that will change soon with PicoPro models in the 50 to 100 lumen specs.

Here are some examples of what you can do with a SONY pico projector besides watching movies on the ceiling...

  1. It costs only $399 and can replace a lamp based projector for small meetings and presentations.
  2. SONY pico projector allows impromptu presentations in bright and vivid colors and always stays in focus with 8 font readability in normal light conditions.
  3. In the bedroom, watch movies, shows and other streaming videos on the ceiling with no concern for projector location. It has short throw ratio from bed to ceiling and always stays in focus.
  4. Project 200” image size under certain lighting conditions─ like watching movies outdoors while camping with friends or neighbors on a dark summer night.
  5. Projects bright and vivid color with 80000:1 contrast ratio.
  6. Projects higher definition images [1920x720p].
  7. Projects always-in-focus images regardless of the distance or movement of the projector… priceless. This feature is the competition killer. Let’s face it, as an example, would you buy a car that needs starting again every time you stopped in traffic or at a red light?
    Right, I didn’t think so...

You see, in case of pico projectors using LED as light source... you need to re-focus the image every time you move or want to change the size of projected image. 

It is like re-starting your car engine every time you stop in traffic… is it not? 

  1. SONY pico projector gives you twice the projection time per battery charge [up to 3 hours] as compared to the competition. And if you are connected to a power source, it sips less than 3 watts of power and can run indefinitely.
  1. It produces very little amount of heat and as such it does not have any noisy fans for cooling.
  2. SONY pico projector when used as a mobile HD TV [with a set-top box] will save you money on energy usage over its operating life [consuming less than 3 watts per hour].
  3. It projects bright and vivid color images without motion blur because of its inherent fast refresh feature from laser light source.
  4. SONY pico projector uses lasers as light source, and requires no lamp replacement over its 20,000hours [over 10 years under normal use] operating life.

Well, there you have it...

The future market for laser based pico projectors doubling up as Mobile TV, bedroom TV, living room TV, and mobile edutainment TV for each family member is worth billions of dollars globally.

The best pico projector and #1 on Amazon...
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