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Heard SONY to Release Pico TV by End of 2015

8/19/2015 Alan Kyle Goel

Just a few months ago in June, Celluon filed for a new trade mark “PicoTV” on the heels of its very successful launch of laser PicoPro Projector… that uses PicoP Display Engine made by SONY and powered by MicroVision’s PicoP Image technology.

The rumor is that SONY may release its own version of Pico TV before Celluon… along with half a dozen other Pico projection enabled mobile digital devices.

Laser based PicoTV Projector technology could blow away the television industry as we know it… including the Apple TV, especially when Apple TV is not even a TV as we know it.

Why pay for a big 60 inch TV [or an Apple TV] when you can buy a 60+ lumen HD PicoTV Projector for one third the price and get 720p HD [1920 x 720p] projection on any surface, at 16:9 wide screen resolution, 80,000:1 contrast ratio, image that is always in focus and with fast refresh rate… and take it with you anywhere you go with a TV signal or an Internet connection?

There are two parts to SONY Pico TV Projector that make it possible for this amazing technology to get in the hands of consumers as early as the end of 2015…

  • TV Tuner by SONY
  • HD PicoP Projector by SONY

SONY Digital TV Tuner for Mobile Devices

In January of 2015, SONY introduced its new Digital TV (DTV) Tuner Module for mobile devices which include smartphones, tablets, automotive infotainment systems, navigation systems and PCs.  SONY claims that the DTV tuner module adopts a small size and superior reception along with low power consumption, which makes it an optimal candidate for inclusion into mobile devices. The SMT-EW100 series is the DVB-T2 compatible module especially designed to be incorporated in the mobile devices and is the first module from Sony specialized for mobile usage.

PicoP Projector by SONY

First what is PicoP & why is it important?

PicoP is the laser based digital imaging technology developed by MicroVision, and is a means for delivering media to media hungry customers. The product isn't a collection of lasers and MEMS mirror, it's not simply a "better projector"… it's an efficient means of getting content from content sources to end users who want it.

SONY’s PicoP Projector is an ultra-portable, laser HD projector that puts a cinema in your pocket and a big screen experience at your fingertips. Go beyond the small screen to share movies, music videos, social media pictures or any content from your mobile devices anytime, anywhere with dual wireless or simple HDMI interfaces. This always-in-focus projector offers bold, bright colors and an always-in-focus, HD picture from a slim, lightweight projector. SONY’s PicoP Projector is the real big deal in a tiny package.

That is a gigantic improvement in portability & energy efficiency and convenience is the key… and a portable LARGE screen experience on any surface from a short distance is hugely important.

This combination of SONY Digital TV Tuner Module and PicoP Projector in this advanced product is the key, because with Pico TV Projector people will be able to replace their energy guzzling LED TVs and access live content from live broadcasts or from Internet streaming on their mobile devices.

Other key features that will tip the balance in favor of Pico TV Projector include…

  • Subscription to content isn't necessary… not only that, SONY owns content.
  • Data expense from cellular network isn't necessary… all you do, is use your WiFi connectivity.
  • Connection to high-speed Internet connection isn't necessary… because a built-in storage media may be included.
  • Purchase of Apple TV or its monthly subscription isn’t necessary.
  • Recording live television will [probably] be possible… increasing the amount of content available.

Could the big TV companies put a kibosh on this Pico TV technology? I’ve been following this technology for many years and up until recently nobody believed that PicoP technology could pose such a threat leading to the demise of energy guzzling [35watt] LED TV.  In countries where energy is a precious commodity, countries like India and China, Pico TV Projectors [at 5watt] could see faster and massive adoption.

Think about it!!!

A laser PicoP projector at 720p HD resolution and with built-in Digital TV Tuner would be at less than 5watts. And you could project 60 inch HD images from less than 5 feet away in a small Asian living room. The LED based 60 inch TV would consume over 35 watts... and produce so much wasted heat in hot and humid countries of Asia, India and China. Did you know the biggest consumer of electricity in the world, is for operating the billion or so LED TVs.

Large screen energy guzzling TVs are doomed. If nothing else, the laser Pico TV Projector technology would definitely not help their cause. Just like the iPad and tablet is killing PCs and laptops; MicroVision’s PicoP technology is truly disruptive. Imagine in next 24 months; you could buy a smartphone with built-in PicoP projector shooting 1080p at 100+ laser lumen… or laser based Pico TV Projector(s) in every home around the globe.

Pico TV Projector would definitely hurt TV sales; but they [TV manufacturers] can’t stop this progress. Too many large players like SONY, SAMSUNG, Lenovo want this technology to grow and flourish. The market pull is enormous. Once we get clear guidance for mass produced Pico TV Projectors, it will be a proverbial rocket ride after that... for companies like MicroVision (NASDAQ: MVIS).

So, did I buy a PicoPro from Celluon and got rid of my 42" HD LED TV. 

The answer is YES and NO!

Yes, I bought the PicoPro projector from Celluon… but I did not get rid of my 42" LED TV... not until SONY is ready to ship their 50+ lumen HD Pico TV Projector in the next few months!

I’m thinking of buying two Pico TV Projectors… and use one in the bedroom for occasional viewing on the ceiling. I could easily watch a show on my wall or ceiling and take it anywhere I want… and for one third the price of a 60 inch LED TV.

So it’s obvious to me that TV sales stand to lose a substantial amount over the next few years─ when the Pico TV Projectors at 100+ lumen and 1080p resolution come out… especially when the sales in colleges and universities start to pick-up momentum.

Also, don’t forget PicoTV Projectors that will fill-in the spot for the 2nd and 3rd TV sets in affluent homes.

SONY Pico TV Projector will Rain on Apple's TV Parade

Apple may or may not release a television someday. In the meantime, it offers a tiny streaming box called the Apple TV.

The Apple TV has never felt like a revolutionary product, but consistent updates have transformed it from a glorified Netflix player into a solid streaming-video box. Apple's beefed up its channel selection, adding Hulu Plus , HBO Go , Watch ESPN and Sky News , in addition to stalwarts like Netflix, MLB.TV, and YouTube. The Apple TV remains deeply integrated with iTunes, allowing you to stream purchased and rented movies and TV shows, plus with iTunes Match you can get access to your entire digital music collection -- if you're a subscriber.

If you're deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem, especially iTunes, the Apple TV is a polished streaming-video box that's well worth its price tag. But even after the price cut, most buyers are better off with the plucky Roku 3… for now.

All this will change quite dramatically when SONY comes out with their laser based Pico TV Projector, using MicroVision PicoP image technology, in the next few months.

Stay tuned.

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