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Joe Biden is a chameleon!

10/7/2020 Anant Goel

BIDEN: "Then all of a sudden see hell of a lot clearer. The American people--They're saying, 'Jeez, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.'"

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This guy must be hallucinating and losing his mind. Must be too much hiding in his basement !

C'mon man, go out and campaign personally and not your wife. If you’re so scared about the virus, then why did you let your wife go out to campaign for you?

Is your wife disposable?

Pathetic Politian!!!

Worse yet, Joe Biden is selfish, self-centered and losing his mind hiding in his basement bunker.  People who are losing their grip often find themselves isolated. They are easily annoyed by small things. They find themselves lashing out. They are easily provoked.  

Biden is a Democratic chameleon, taking on the coloration of whatever happens to be the Democratic consensus of the moment.

Biden obviously loves the life of being a politician. He’s been one since his late 20s. And he is reflexively liberal.

Biden goes with the flow, at least the flow within the Democratic Party. During the Clinton era, when Democrats wanted to be seen as tough on crime, Biden led the way.

Today, when the party wants to defang the police and end mass incarceration, he has apologized for his previous handiwork.

So, what’s important in this election isn’t so much where Biden is as where his party is and wants to go. And his party does not see this as a small-ball election.

Democrats have tried to use the pandemic and police protests to paint Trump as a failure. At the same time, they released polls that claimed America wanted Biden instead of Trump.

But in recent months, we’ve seen little to prove that Biden has the leadership ability to govern the country.

In fact, more and more evidence mounts that the 77-year-old man is losing his grip on his sanity. Add to that the fact that he has provided little insight into the current crises. Worst still, he agrees with radical leftists that want to take funds from cops and give it to other causes.

These polls might come closer to the truth: that Americans in no way want Biden to take over from Trump. In the face of crisis and uncertainty, they want a leader with the ability (and brains) to see us through.

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