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Millions of People are Shopping Online Today and Spend over $1.5 Trillion Dollars a Year !!!


Our journey has just begun…

You’ve probably heard of companies like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, T-Mall, Overstock and so on… What do they have in common? The answer is eCommerce!

Millions of people are shopping online today. Billions of dollars are being made by these companies every year. eCommerce is definitely changing the way the world shops! China and United States have accounted for the majority of this global growth and are enjoying the lion share of the revenue. There is no doubt that eCommerce is a huge mega-trend, and it is super hot in Asia right now. In March 2015, the Chinese government has approved the setup of the China (Hangzhou) cross-border eCommerce economic zone in Hangzhou (home of Alibaba), to benefit companies in this type of industry.

We are very happy to say that we are one of the first few companies to position ourselves at the right place at the right time, to benefit tremendously from the new initiatives and policies provided by the Chinese government! Following the footsteps of Alibaba, a couple of companies in China have jumped on the eCommerce bandwagon with great success, and were able to go public in just a few short years. We know exactly how that is done, and we are following the same business model with major enhancements! Therefore, we are starting our business with a proven track to run on. The IT team that built the website of Alibaba’s is now building our eCommerce shopping site. It is under construction right now, and it will be like a multi-lingual, global version of when completed.

We will have the same manufacturers and suppliers whose products are being offered on that site, except that ours will be multi-lingual to serve the global community. Our site will be loaded with products of all kinds like Amazon (food, jewelry, appliances, electronics, wine, clothing, shoes, home & garden, skin care, nutritional products, etc.), plus an optional feature that allows members to upload their own products to sell, if they want.

This will be the world’s first membership driven cross-border eCommerce company where:

♦ you get paid when you shop there

♦ you get paid when your referrals shop there

♦ you get paid a percentage of the company’s worldwide profits on a daily basis even with a free membership!!!

We’re currently in the pre-launch stage and are just putting together the key leaders right now. We invite you to do your due diligence in reviewing all the information here. Find out how you can join us at the top of this brand new relationship marketing company, and claim your share of the humongous eCommerce pie! We look forward to welcoming you as a valued member of our team!

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