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MicroVision: Hyper Growth Stock in Emerging Trillion Dollar Market Space

2/4/2019 Anant Goel

Over the last 20 years, I have been following this high-tech company that is now at the cusp of hyper growth in sales revenue and profitability. In the last year or so, all of the enabling technologies have come together to make mass production possible of 5 different products in a trillion dollar market to meet global demand at a reasonable cost.

Those who understand and know how to use capital, energy, cheap labor, technology, other people's time, and other people's money─ combined with the power of business systems that deliver great value─ are the ones who create wealth. Once they get such formula correct, huge wealth comes from SCALING that value delivery to the masses at a global scale.  

MicroVision (Nasdaq: MVIS) is that company and here are some possible trades:

BUY Stock below $1.20… and hold it for the next 3 years. Expect it to be trading over $15 based on earnings projection of 30 cents per share and 50 times multiple for this hyper growth company.

MicroVision (Nasdaq: MVIS) Covered Call Stock Trade 2:

BUY Stock below $1.20… and sell $2 Strike Covered Calls expiring on 08/16/2019 for 25 Cents premium… profit potential of 110% in next 6 months.

MicroVision (Nasdaq: MVIS) Covered Call Stock Trade 3:

BUY Stock below $1.20… and sell $3 Strike Covered Calls expiring on 08/16/2019 for 10 Cents premium… profit potential of 170% in next 6 months.

MicroVision (Nasdaq: MVIS) Options Trade: Risk $3,000 to Make $16,000 in next 6 months Using August 2019 Options

BUY to Open:  100 CT  MVIS   08/16/2019  $1 Call for 45 cents

SELL to Open: 100 CT  MVIS   08/16/2019  $3 Call for 15 cents

Net Cost:                   $3,000 [plus usual trade commission] 

Net Profit Potential: $16,000 [minus usual trade commission] 

Profit Potential:        430% in next 6 months

The latest technological wave is the emergence of on-device artificial intelligence (AI). Instead of relying entirely on the cloud for AI insights, a new wave of specialized algorithms and chips is delivering deep insights wherever work is done. According to ABI Research, shipments of devices with edge AI capabilities will grow fifteen fold by 2023, to 1.2 billion units. The share of AI tasks that take place on edge devices instead of in the cloud will grow more than seven fold, from 6 percent in 2017 to 43 percent in 2023.

AI at the Edge is the next gold mine. 

Enjoy in good health. 

[This email message or article does not recommend the purchase or sale of any stocks, options, bonds or any investment of any kind.]  
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