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Save America... VOTE RED

7/2/2018 By Those Who Want Free and Proud America

Flagrant violation of America's laws by renegade Democrat politicians, supported by liberal judges and media is thrusting America to a painful death...

UNLESS we put a stop to it...

Voting Republican in November will do much to stop the Democrat stampede toward destruction but I now fear a literal war has been declared by liberal Democrats against America, our Laws, our Constitution, our Culture, our Traditions and even our Children and our Lives.

Liberals cast threats and insults of violent and monumental capacity even rising to the level of felony crimes. Yet no punishment is leveled by private business for such crimes and insults whereas Trump supporters who speak in less aggravated terms are fired from jobs and punished by liberal judges. Low budget Hollywood actor Peter Fonda threatened the adolescent Son of the President with violence, insulted the President's press secretary with the "c" word and threatened the Home Land Security Secretary with rape all within one week.

No firings or punishment.

Other liberal Democrats have previously made threats of burning down the White House and murdering President Trump and other threats... however, no outrage by media nor Democrats nor action by prosecuting lawyers or law enforcement... Nothing.

Democrats encourage and support criminal behavior, perverted behavior, voting fraud behavior, refusal to enforce laws, insults to our flag, national anthem and members of the armed services.

Nothing is done.

Moderates, Conservatives, Patriotic Independents, Libertarians and Republicans gasp in horror but are uncertain of what to do other than vote Republican... and expose on Facebook, when those liberal crooks that control social media allow it, the liberal Democrat extreme and sometimes violent antagonism toward America and our Civilization.

The Home Land Security Secretary was harassed unmercifully and criminally this week while having dinner at a Mexican restaurant. No assistance from other customers, or management or law enforcement. We have been relegated to a position of fear in our own country by ungrateful, violent, malcontent, illegal interlopers and worthless, non contributing citizens.
Democrats and their media are complicit in this war on America and Americans.
I do not promote committing crimes in retaliation but do promote the political process of voting and ramming the crud of Democrats down their throats through communication. I do promote avoiding Democrats, violent Hispanic and Black gangs and those who defend them. I do promote being wary of Democrats, liberals, criminals, perverts and other anti Americans. I do promote being armed and prepared for violent attacks from Liberal Democrats and their ilk as the die has been cast.
We can no longer hide or run in fear. We can no longer expect intellectual debate. We can no longer expect peace. We must stand and fight...Literally. Prepare my friends and be ready. This is the time when courage and perseverance are necessary to protect our families, children and the foundations of our nation and civilized society which we must protect and preserve.

#WalkAway movement is real and is gaining momentum. 

God Bless America.....God Save America.....God Help Us Save America.
Vote Red In November



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