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Apple Finally Made a Dud iPhone ?
9/30/2017 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
This year, we’re seeing signals that maybe people aren’t rushing to buy the new iPhone 8.
Why is China so Obsessed with Mobile Gaming?
7/12/2017 Anant Goel
Enter any Chinese subway station and you’ll see riders tapping away on their phones. They’re chatting, shopping, reading and catching up on TV. But more often than not, they’re gaming. China’s gaming industry is big money on the mobile platform.
Trump Presidency Initiatives - Water as Rocket Fuel in Space could Drive a Power Revolution on Earth
11/15/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
NASA claims to be able to use water as rocket fuel in space. It is safe, stable substance that’s relatively common even in space, but could also find greater use here on Earth as we search for alternatives to fossil fuels.
Best Pico Projector for Global Market Expected to be 10 Billion Dollars by 2020
2/3/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
Market for laser based pico projectors doubling up as Mobile TV, bedroom TV, living room HD TV, and mobile edutainment TV for each family member is worth over billions of dollars globally