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Two Hyper-Growth Stocks For The Next Decade

8/15/2020 Anant Goel

The world is changing fast.

As an investor you know change equals opportunity…the bigger the change, the bigger the opportunity. The next few years are going to be either the most interesting, exciting, and lucrative years for you or you’re going to be left behind.

In this research report you will learn about two hyper-growth opportunities they’re creating, and the specific moves you can make now to ensure you’re on the right side of the future.

You’re going to get the early edge on:

  • The one company that combines artificial intelligence, augmented reality, automation, and robotics all in one
  • TaaS (Transportation as a Service) is the latest technology revolution that will dramatically change the way we live, work and travel... it will forever change our lives.

Artificial Intelligence Is the Next Big Thing In Tech

That’s a near quadrupling of the industry in just three years and it’s just the kind of hyper-growth which creates massive gains for early investors too. The time to move into artificial Intelligence is right now too. Because artificial intelligence is not going to change the way you live, work, and play.
It already has changed it all and the changes, effects, and gains for investors will only grow exponentially from here. After all, a recent survey from Gallup found 86% of U.S. consumers used some form of artificial intelligence…
Manufacturing, finance, transportation, and healthcare are ripe for the disruptive force of artificial intelligence. Microsoft will play an essential role in all of that.

Read on to ensure you’re on the exciting side of it all.

Hyper Growth Stock #1

Mark Cuban predicted artificial intelligence will create the world’s “first trillionaire.” Naveen Rao, head of Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Products Group, said, “I think the next five or six years [in artificial intelligence] are going to be really, really fast moving.” Even five years may be a bit of an understatement because researchers at International Data Corporation estimate the demand for artificial intelligence-based applications to rise from $12 billion in 2017 to more $47 billion by 2020.

·         Google Maps and Waze use artificial to incorporate real-time traffic data and distance to determine the route to where you want to go.

·         Netflix uses it to determine movies and shows you would would probably enjoy.

·         Pandora and Spotify use it to determine new music you may like.

·         Google and Facebook use your past Internet history and relationships to determine what content may most interest you and ads for products your most likely to be interest in.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere and it’s only going to get faster and better as it ramps up from here.

 Artificial intelligence is complicated and it requires armies of coders and technicians to develop and apply. It also requires massive amounts of processing power.

As a result, the big winners in the artificial intelligence will be those companies with the size and scale to harness it in as broad and complex solutions as possible. In artificial intelligence, bigger is better.

So if you want to ride the artificial intelligence boom, you’ve got to go big. That’s why Microsoft (MSFT) is an early leader in artificial intelligence and will be a leader in artificial intelligence of the future.

Hyper Growth Stock #2

TaaS: Transportation as a Service 


Transportation as a Service (TaaS) industry is going to revolutionize our world as we know it. It might be even more significant than the smartphones revolution, and its annual sales could be over $8 trillion eventually.


TaaS will become over 8 Trillion Dollar automotive marketplace... and it will be hugely profitable selling millions of [high profile, high value, high margin] LiDAR for collision avoidance in new [75 million cars per year] and in existing [1.4 billion cars on the road] and in millions of Electric Autonomous Vehicles for the TaaS business marketplace revolution.


Sales of MicroVision LiDAR will be huge and stupendously profitable... based on its superb size, weight, power, functionality, day-light resolution and unmatched spec that is unique to LBS based 3-D scanning. 

What is TaaS…

TaaS... Transportation as a Service is the latest technology revolution that will dramatically change the way we live, work and travel... it will forever change our lives..


I have been at the cusp of every single technological and business revolution over the past 50 years... but TaaS is the biggest with massive global impact that will change every aspect of 7 billion lives on planet Earth.


Imagine a world with no service stations and no parking lots. Where houses or apartment blocks won’t require garages or parking bays. Where there are no speeding tickets or parking infringements, and the promise of no road fatalities. Where private commuters travel long distances to work while catching up on the latest news, work or catch-up on some extra sleep while traveling.


The advent of fully autonomous personal transport will likely be the most significant technological advance of the 21st century. Electric Vehicles and Driver-less vehicles will change the way everyone across the world lives, works and travels.


How autonomous transport systems will function will stretch the human imagination. “The day fully autonomous vehicles hit our streets is the day cars are not cars anymore. They can be anything.” “The primary function of transportation disappears to give rise to other functions. It could be an extension of our homes or our offices or our local cafe.”


The concept of car ownership itself is under threat in a world dominated by autonomous vehicles. The line separating public and private transport will blur. You will see personal mobility go down the same route as other industries, from music, to news, by moving to a subscription model...


“Transport as a Service” (TaaS)


It's the combination of two revolutionary technologies [Electric Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle] and a breakthrough business model [Waymo, Uber, Lyft and dozens of others].


Current car ownership model cost... $0.70 per mile.

Future TaaS subscription model... $0.10 per mile

Electric Vehicle Maintenance: Every 100,000 miles

Electric Vehicle Life Span: 1,000,000 miles

Moving Parts in a Combustion Engine Car: 2,200

Moving Parts in a Electric Vehicle: 20


The TaaS era is imminent. All cars sold by 2025 will be electric. By then, electric vehicles will be up to 10 times cheaper to operate and maintain than those with internal combustion engines powered by fossil fuels, making them ideal for fleet buyers that offer TaaS (Transportation as a Service) subscription.


MicroVision (MVIS): Highly Recommended TaaS Stock...


Here’s why…


MicroVision Stock: Jumps 1,500% on Acquisition by Microsoft Speculations

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