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Trump agreed to $2 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Package
4/30/2019 Anant Goel
President Trump agreed to support a $2 trillion infrastructure spending package after meeting with Democrats at the White House, though the details are not yet clear.
Why Donald Trump Presidency is the Most Successful Ever?
2/6/2019 Anant Goel
After 24 months into his presidency, Trump Administration has become the most effective administration since FDR’s first term. And it’s being accomplished in the face of the so-called “resistance,” which includes the overt hostility of...
Donald Trump May Declare National Immigration Emergency and Build the Wall to Protect U.S. Borders
1/11/2019 Anant Goel
Congress has refused the funds needed for the wall, so Trump is openly claiming the right to unilaterally order construction by declaring a national emergency. On its face, that order would undermine the core role of Congress...
Donald Trump Presidency: the Most Successful President Ever?
12/21/2018 Anant Goel
After 20 months into his presidency, Trump Administration has become the most effective administration since FDR’s first term. And it’s being accomplished in the face of the so-called “resistance,” which includes the overt hostility of...
Trump Targeting Birthright Citizenship With Executive Order – How it can affect you?
10/30/2018 Anant Goel
President Trump plans to sign an executive order that would remove the right to citizenship for babies of non-citizens and unauthorized immigrants born on U.S. soil. Trump's hard-line targeting "anchor babies" and "chain migration" will...
Russian Hacking of DNC and Hillary Clinton Servers and E-mails is Fake?
7/17/2018 Anant Goel
Trump knows there was no hacking of DNC and Hillary servers and e-mails. If there was, were the hell are DNC servers [managed by Muslim brothers] and Hillary Clinton Servers with 33,000 Hillary e-mails and 14 smartphones...
Save America... VOTE RED
7/2/2018 By Those Who Want Free and Proud America
Flagrant violation of America's laws by renegade liberal Democrat politicians, supported by liberal judges and liberal media is thrusting America to a painful death... UNLESS we put a stop to it...
Trump’s Structural Reform of America to Reduce Debt, Restore Growth and Make America Great Again
6/10/2018 Anant Goel
America’s future is in jeopardy. Since World War II, the average rate of growth in real GDP per capita was 2.1 percent. At that pace of growth, the average income would double in 35 years. Unfortunately, since 2007, the rate has slowed to 0.7%...
Democrat Idiocracy Derails US Immigration DACA Negotiations over the Word "Shithole"
1/14/2018 Anant Goel
Oxford Dictionary defines "Shithole" as "An extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place".
Barack Obama's Legacy of Failure
12/23/2017 Anant Goel and Alan K Goel
Obama's accession in 2008 as the nation's first elected black president was an achievement that even Republicans and conservatives could cheer. It marked a moment of hope and transformation. It was also the high point of Obama's presidency.
Donald Trump’s Structural Reform of America
11/3/2017 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
These are difficult times- difficult not only from economic point of view, but also difficult from political and social perspective. The unprecedented national debt, preponderance of terror and Democratic Party resistance has made life uncertain.
When is The Black Panther Monument in Detroit Michigan coming down?
8/17/2017 Anonymous & Anant Goel
Anonymous said... Should have never been put up, but definitely needs to come down. Take down this Black Panther Monument in Chicago… an obvious symbol of brutal force, violence and divisive hatred.
7/24/2017 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
Hours before facing closed-door questioning from the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday, Kushner’s camp released an 11-page written statement outlining four meetings with Russians during the 2016 campaign and transition.
Donald Trump’s America in Structural Rehab
3/12/2017 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
National Debt, budget deficit and poor economic growth are the great threat to America at this moment. But a new structural reform strategy for better growth is the great opportunity for the future under Trump Administration.
World Reaction to Trump’s 'America First' Policy
3/8/2017 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
President Trump’s inaugural speech will be remembered for its populist and often dark tone. Trump appears to have first used the phrase 'America First' in an interview with The New York Times, when he denied he was an isolationist.
How Donald Trump Will Change the World ─ Part 1
12/10/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
A staggering restructuring of power around the world is coming… Donald Trump shocked much of the world by winning the U.S. presidential election. A man with little-to-no political experience will take the helm of the world’s mightiest nation.
Trump Victory: Some Lessons for US Media
11/23/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
Good journalism is about balance and a quest for the truth─ whatever that is. When you do that, you gain credibility. And with that credibility, you can eventually influence people. However, if you simply abandon the quest for truth...
Open Letter to President Elect Donald Trump – Please Fix the American Electoral System
11/11/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
The complexity of the election process the U.S. and the multiplicity of authorities is a perfect breeding ground for confusion. It’s no surprise that a situation like the infamous Florida fiasco of the year 2000 happened...
We Face the Prospect of WW III with Hillary Clinton in the White House
10/29/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
Hyperinflation is an insane response but may be used by the financial and political elite for their purposes. The same is true for WW III to distract attention from criminal behavior, massive fraud, crashing economies, and policy failures.
Donald Trump’s disruption is the Brexit moment that will end elitism in America
10/25/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
Trump has thrown caution to the wind by rattling the entire political establishment. He has aroused a large section of the population and pitted it against the establishment. This could well be America’s Brexit moment that marks the end of elitism.
Open Letter to Donald Trump- Republican Party Nominee for POTUS
10/19/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
Over the last eight years, America has become a banana republic under Barack Obama and we are so disgusted and fearful at the very thought of same old under Hillary Clinton ─if she ever makes it to the White House.
Open Letter to Republicans Democrats and GOP - Presidential Election 2016
10/12/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
America's judgment of Trump is motivated hateful malice. The wizards of smarts in the political arena are telling us that Trump's campaign is over because of recently leaked tapes of a private conversation from 2005 that was disparaging to women.
Citizens for Trump─ the citizens movement to elect Donald Trump as President
10/9/2016 Anant Goel
At the second debate and through the course of the past year, Donald Trump has positioned himself as the flag bearer for people who inhabit what they believe is a country within a country.
Why Hillary Clinton is Dangerous to the World
9/15/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
The dangers of a Trump administration are easily recited by Democrats. However, Hillary Clinton’s convictions spring from a deeper intelligence, insecurity and opportunism that will not give way to reality and common sense so easily.
Donald Trump to the White House — One More Autocrat to World Power
4/26/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
Trump is the only man in this political arena today that has what it take to shake things up and break the barriers to doing what needs to be done to Make America Great Again.
Why we Support Mr. Trump for Presidency of the United States
3/1/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel
Trump is the only man in this political arena today that has what it take to shake things up and break the chains of "status quo" and "interest groups" in Washington.