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What You Can Do on LeRumba Social

11/7/2014 Anant Goel

We are building LeRumba as a collaborative social network of people from around the globe to make the world more socially connected, open, and transparent. Our mission is to create local communities of people that help and support each other to care; share; and empower the best we can in health, wealth, and happiness.

LeRumba Social gives people greater power to connect, share, collaborate and is a means by which you can connect with friends, family, businesses, and people who matter to you. Here’s an overview of what you can do on LeRumba Social…

First things first…

  • Create and Edit Your Profile

[After you sign up, the first things you do is create and edit your profile. Your profile is more than just an at-a-glance bio. Your profile is also your Newsfeed or Timeline, and over a period of time, it becomes an ongoing history of your social life on LeRumba.]

  • Set Your Notification Preferences
  • Set Your Privacy Controls
  • Customize Your Social Network Dashboard
  • Select Your Language or Just Use English

Now you're ready to play in the sand box...

  • Send and View Private Messages
  • Send Messages to Multiple Users at the Same Time
  • Check and Respond to Posts on Your Wall
  • Post Text, Photos, and Videos and Share with Friends
  • Text and Audio Chat With Friends and Family
  • Video Chat: One on One or Join a Group or Start a Group
  • Invite and Connect with Friends, Family, and People Who Matter to You
  • Send Friends Requests and Accept Friendships
  • Connect and Share Posts with Your Facebook Friends
  • Share Your Thoughts and Post on Your Timeline or Start a Blog
  • Find Interesting and Empowering Articles on the Blogs
  • Comment, Like, and Share Posts and Blogs
  • Post, Share and View Pictures of Your Friends and Family
  • Post, Share and View Videos

[If you wish to share your personal videos on our site, you must first upload them to a video sharing site like YouTube and then embed to share on LeRumba Social.]

  • Plan Events, Sponsor Events or Find Events to Participate

  • Join a Group or Start a Group to Share Your Thoughts, Wisdom, and Vision

  • Participate in Forums for Group Discussions on Subjects that Matter

  • Post Classified Ads to Buy, Sell, Rent, or Trade

  • Advertise Your Business, Service, or Product at LeRumba

  • Promote a Cause, Business, Service, or a Product at LeRumba Social

Write, publish, and promote SEO content:
  • News articles, interviews, and feature pieces
  • Product pages
  • Lists
  • Guides
  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Slideshows
  • Videos

There is so much more to explore and find… it surely will keep you engaged, intrigued, and entertained.

Invite your friends, family, business associates and people who matter to you in your life… to join your local community to share, care, collaborate and empower the best we can in health, wealth, and happiness.

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