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What Your Shoes Say about You?

3/1/2020 Anant Goel

Your shoes can tell a lot about you!

According to a study by researchers at Wellesley College, people could tell a stranger’s age, gender and income just by looking at their shoes.

No surprise there…

But participants were also able to tell whether the person was clingy and insecure in her close relationships, or more laid-back and relaxed, based on the shoes she wore.

"Shoes serve a practical purpose, and also serve as non-verbal clues with symbolic messages," said Dr Angela Bahns, one of the study's authors. "People tend to pay attention to the shoes they wear."

Here’s what your shoes say about you…

  • Shoes that were flashy, bright and colorful: belonged to extroverts,
  • Ankle boots: fit with more aggressive personalities,
  • Uncomfortable looking shoes: were worn by calm and easy going personalities.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time that personality and shoe styles have been paired together. Online shoe retailer JustFab uses a fun, quick personality quiz to determine if shoppers are a Grand Glam, Classic Cool, or Trendy Chic shoe buyer.

This quiz allows their team of celebrity stylists to present shoppers with a monthly collection of personalized shoe selections that they think the customer will love.

Shoes may be the last clothing item you put on, but they're clearly a critical part of a person's wardrobe, reinforcing how you're judged in business and personal relationships.

Take free personality quiz and see what your shoe selections say about you.

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