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Why we Support Mr. Trump for Presidency of the United States

3/1/2016 Anant Goel & Alan Kyle Goel

Here’s why…

Republican Party did not incubate Donald Trump and should not be credited or discredited for Mr. Trump running for presidency of the United States.

Trump is his own man and says the way it is. Some people are so shallow to even understand: "Trump is and was a businessman and never before ran for a public office until recently."

Unlike other politicians, Trump has said words or did things in his past life as a businessman with no plans or designs for presidency of the United States of America. Donald Trump has evolved and grown in life and stature without being groomed by a gang of special interest politicians in Washington. Trump is his own man and speaks his mind as he sees it without being curated or muzzled.

Mainstream media lies about Donald Trump. You hear all this biased nonsense in the mainstream media as news about Donal Trump -- to form an opinion. So, listen to this research YouTube video published on January 16, 2016.

Judge Donald Trump for what he really is and what he really says… and not what the mainstream media wants you to hear or believe. 

Running for party nomination is necessary and primaries are a circus that sometimes requires showmanship [and animation] to get attention. Especially when you are an outsider looking to get in the Republican inner circle to get attention and endorsements that would lead to party nomination.

With responsibility, and as Republican party candidate, there will come changes in Trump's persona that are more moderate, realistic, re-conciliatory, diplomatic, and he will be the leader of people rather than his self proclaiming dictatorial style of managing a primary campaign.

Political parties are like pack of hound dogs that bark, fight, and guard their turf when a new dog shows-up in town. However, when the heavy weight newcomer overcomes the initial resistance and is eventually accepted, he leads the pack with tenacity and resolve. Mr. Trump has the energy and fire in his belly, and a resolve to Make America Great Again!

Politicians, both Democratic and Republicans, are leading the US, a great nation, into a disastrous path to financial implosion. We have become a nation of weaklings that apologize to people, groups and nations that drug our youth, rape our women, kill our citizens, take away our jobs, compromise our value system, take advantage of our laws of freedom of speech and human rights, and abuse our laws.

Republican Party has a Secret Plan to Stop Donald Trump from Getting into the White House

This is just more proof that our political system is broken. Whether you like Trump or not the people are speaking volumes and our elected officials are doing whatever they can to go against the people to cover their own self interest.  Every American should be asking what our elected officials are trying to hide from the people to go to the lengths which they are to keep one of their own puppets in office.

Trump is the only man in this political arena today that has what it take to shake things up and break the barriers to doing what needs to be done.

All the things in your list that you claim, some true and some downright fabrications, to be negative aspects of Trump, in fact what are needed to shake things up and break the chains of "status quo" and "interest groups" in Washington.

Embrace and celebrate Trump, for he is the only man for the job today... to shake things-up and Make America Great Again!

[This represents our view of how we see the presidential candidate(s) and their election campaigns to gain their political party nomination for Presidential Election of 2016]
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