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About Us is a service of RKNet Studios.

RKNet Studio develops digital media content, personal productivity Apps, and online marketing resources for businesses and consumers around the world.

Created by NJBIN award winning team; LeRumba ( is the next generation online marketing platform that provides local businesses with simple and effective ways to manage and grow in the increasingly complex online, social media, and mobile marketing space.
When looking for goods or services, our first instinct now is to go online, whereas previously we may have scoured the Main Street or used a Yellow Page Directory. Traditional marketing media− like direct mail, news paper, magazine, Radio, Television, and Yellow Pages− still have their place, but are in rapid decline.

LeRumba TownSquares for the world platform helps in building local communities globally. By using online tools that are built-in the LeRumba ecosystem− and expert marketing advice; our clients’ can leverage their marketing campaigns in brand building and customer acquisition. Our Town Ambassador/Affiliate Partner Program engages the enthusiasm and tenacity of thousands from around the world; in building true global communities that care, share, and empower each other in being the best we can in health, wealth and happiness.

LeRumba offers 50,000+ Virtual TownSquares for the World...

Our vision is to create Virtual TownSquare for each and every town/city in the world; a public space for all people to gather virtually, buy, sell, trade, find jobs, share news, views, reviews, knowledge and resources, make deals, find discounts, address community issues, share and plan events and festivals, socialize, entertain, and find attractions and things to do around their town.

Our mission: “To create Integrated Marketing ecosystem for small businesses and consumers... and to develop virtual TownSquares for the world - an online public space for all people to gather virtually anywhere from anywhere!

" Town Ambassador Program helps build local communities globally, to make your town a better place for businesses and families. "


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