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Great Gadgets for Moms on Mother’s Day

5/8/2015 Staff at LeRumba
Celluon Pico Projector
Now you can watch picture slideshows, Internet videos, and Netflix movies anywhere you want... even on your bedroom ceiling!
With Celluon’s new innovative PicoPro projectors, you can get laser sharp projections from your phone, tablet, or laptop on any surface. Celluon’s PicoPro always remain in focus, so you never have to fuss with focusing.  Celluon’s new PicoAir (for Android) and PicoPro (for iOS/Apple) projectors are the only laser-based HD pico projectors on the market.  Their image quality and brightness is stunning.  And, you can also connect your PicoPro to your 8.1 Windows laptop wirelessly.

Display images and videos on the wall, garage door, or side of your RV with remarkable HD 16:9 wide screen clarity, boasting a 80,000:1 contrast ratio and 1.67M colors (translation= awesome!).  Don’t have a projector in your office?  Wish you had a TV in your bedroom?  Would love to have a swim-in movie night?   The Celluon PicoAir or PicoPro is all you need.

These two great Pico projectors are great gadgets for moms…and the whole family!

The PicoPro with a HDMI input, sells for$349.99 and the PicoAir sells $299.99 at with free shipping.

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