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RKNet to Launch, the Online Advertising and Classifieds Web Site for Global Markets

Edison, NJ (PRWeb) August 1, 2014

Anant Goel, CEO at RKNet stated: “Our branded product LeRumba is the local advertising and classified Ad platform for global markets; and was built from the ground up; with small businesses, consumers, media publishers, digital agencies, and social media marketers in mind. Our mission is to help small businesses succeed online; and assist the consumer in buying what they want, selling what they don’t need or just engage in social networking for fun and profit. We pioneered the concept of branded advertising solutions for global markets that can be customized and launched within hours for the country of your choice or domicile.”

"Back when RKNet started, the concept of web-based applications was still new. Today however, they are everywhere, and thanks to huge leaps in technology over the last few years it's now quite amazing what you can do with just a web browser and an Internet connection."

"We pride ourselves on the close relationships with customers, whose direct feedback helps to shape the direction and future developments of LeRumba as a sought after local advertising and promotions platform at global stage. We offer quality software dynamically hosted; and backed by knowledgeable and friendly customer support."

"Affiliate partnership is at the core of LeRumba marketing plan. For each state and city in a country around the world, we offer an Affiliate Partnership Program that shares up to 60% of monthly revenues and also awards Phantom Stock in

LeRumba consists of six (6) online Advertising and Classifieds web sites that can be customized for a country− within few minutes, to match the language and Ad rates suited for that country.

·         LeRumba Directory Edition: Online Directory for local businesses and community guides with regional and topical focus. It includes local business reviews and ratings. 

·         LeRumba Classifieds Edition: General purpose online classified ads for local buy, sell, rent, and trades. The Classified Edition can be used for any item of purchase or sale including cars, electronics, furniture, sporting goods, real estate etc. Listings can be easily found in local, national or country searches from anywhere in the world.

·         LeRumba Jobs Edition: General purpose online job board for posting jobs, searching for jobs, and posting/searching resumes. It offers combination of free and featured listings with very inexpensive pricing plans. 

·         LeRumba Events Edition: The Events Edition offers local events, venue listings, and recurring events. It offers event and venue reviews and ratings.

·         LeRumba Real Estate Edition: Offers Real Estate classifieds for residential and commercial real estate. It includes property and rental listings, searches, and agent searches with profiles. Listing fields, site searches, and browsing are designed to meet the special needs of real estate sector.

·         LeRumba Autos Edition: Offers Auto classifieds for vehicles, cars, and boats. It includes auto listings, searches, and dealer searches with profiles. Listing fields, site searches, and browsing are designed to meet the buy, sell, trade needs for most vehicles. It offers combination of free and featured listings with very inexpensive pricing plans.

For Small Businesses: LeRumba offers an affordable alternative to reach consumers through a free, friendly, and local Ads platform that offers very attractive advertising opportunities.

For Consumers: LeRumba offers a free, friendly, and promoted advertising platform to Buy/Sell/Trade or Rent/Hire anything and everything in and around your town.

For Media Companies: Instead of building multiple custom Ad platforms, and spend time and money hosting and maintaining it, LeRumba allows you to have a completely branded solution that can be setup and hosted within hours. We further improve your ROI by saving you time and money to process payments and perform numerous other back office management functions like credit, collections, charge-backs, accounting, taxes, etc. You have a completely branded solution that monitors and tracks sales and revenues originating from your chosen territory− city, state, and country.

For Affiliate Partners: LeRumba offers its affiliate partners a generous revenue and equity share plan. For each state and city in a country around the world, we generate monthly reports and share with our Affiliate Partners up to 60% of monthly revenues and also award Phantom Stock in

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Founded in 2007, RKNet develops digital media content, personal productivity Apps, and online advertising resources for global audiences. Created by NJBIN award winning team; LeRumba is the online Advertising and Classified Ads web site for global markets. The developers bring over 50 years of expertise in technology, cognitive psychology, communications, finance, and business.