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Best Portable Projectors of 2015



Next up is the PicoPro by Celluon, another projector that is beautifully designed, is also one of the thinnest projectors on this list, with a thickness of just half an inch. The device is also very portable, and should be able to comfortably fit in most pockets, with its length of 6 inches, and weighing just 181 grams. It also a has a very interesting design, giving an appearance of two bricks being stuck together, even though it is just one solid body. It also comes with a stand offering 360-degree rotation, which makes it very easy to find a surface for the projector to rest.


The projector light is rated at 32 lumens, which is the lowest on this list, but the PicoPro can get plenty bright, and offers fantastic quality as well, with its 720p resolution. It also comes with a infinite auto focus feature, which means that you don't ever have to worry about fiddling with the focus, and it works just as well as the laser auto focus of the UO Smart Beam projector. The picture is always very clear, and the image doesn't go out of focus up to a screen size of 250 inches. The color temperature can be a little warm and lean more towards a purplish hue which is very apparent, and will likely bother some users.


The built-in speakers of the PicoPro unfortunately don't get very loud, but the quality of the sound itself is fantastic, and is definitely the best audio quality when compared to the rest of the devices on this list, with sound that is very crisp and not tinny. Since this is a fan-less projector, the projector stays very quiet, and there is no unnecessary noise that distracts the viewer. While the PicoPro does offer great sound quality, there is a standard audio jack available, letting you connect your own set of speakers or a pair of headphones.


The device supports the standard suite of connectivity options, including DLNA and Miracast, and also comes with a mini-HDMI port. We aren't exactly sure as to what the capacity of the battery is, but the device lasts for around 2 hours when connected wirelessly, and can go beyond 3 hours when wired. You have the option to connect the device to a wall outlet as well.


The PicoPro is available for $349, with color options being black, silver, and gold. The Celluon PicoPro projector is on the cheaper side, but offers better sound quality than all the other devices on the list. The availability of a headphone jack is a plus over the UO Smart Beam projector, but unfortunately, the big drawback here has to do with the most important aspect of a projector, and that is the purplish tint on the picture.