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Tax Planning and Preparation Services for

Professionals and Registered Nurses
Our offer: "Refund Less than $2,000, No Fee."
" Calculate your taxes here and then engage our proprietary AI Tax Planning service to receive 5 to 7 times the refund that you were expecting."
Federal Tax Calculator: Return and Refund Estimator (2022-2023) - NerdWallet 
[Click to Calculate Taxes for 2023 Tax Year.] 
Text or e-mail for Free Consultation to See How AI Tax Planning Works for You

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Nearly 4 million Registered Nurses in the US are paying the highest marginal tax rate of 39%, with very few deductions allowed to RNs after the Trump Tax Law enacted in 2017.  The current tax law is not favorable to RNs; and the IRS and the states want as much as they can get using 4,500 lines of tax code.

We know the Tax Law, fully understand the Tax Code and have developed our own proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to do Tax Planning and Preparation for:
  • high income professionals and Registered Nurses,  
  • wealthy going thru divorce; death; or planned transfer of wealth, 
  • entrepreneurs with multiple sources of income and options grant,
  • retirees with substantial income from early withdrawals or RMDs,
  • early withdrawals from IRAs and pension plans,
  • special situation tax filers reporting windfalls from winnings, legal cash settlements, and inheritance from transfer of wealth.

Each case is unique and we use AI to do research, due diligence, tax planning, and tax preparation-- based on interpretation of the current tax law and macro tax filing strategy within the current tax law and follow the tax code.

Case Study: Virginia is single, works long hours as RN,  owns a house, a car and has no dependents. Last year she earned $131,775 in income and expected to pay $3,600 over what was already withheld. We did AI based Tax Planning and Preparation that took 12 hours, and brought her back $16,051 in Federal and $4,627 in NY State taxes, a total of $24,278 in tax saving.
With our team of tax lawyers, we back-you-up from the "tax filing" to "acceptance" to "tax refunds." 

Join our RNs Affiliate Partner & Brand Ambassador program; to earn $1,000 in retainer and more in passive income, and save tens of thousands in tax refund dollars when we file or amend your tax filing.

Make a referral, friends and associates, to get a Free HP Laptop Computer (or cash credit) when we do their AI based Tax Return ($500 value).

This is how it works:

  • Use the "TurboTax" link provided above and calculate your estimated taxes.  You can then request our proprietary AI based Tax Plan Refunds Report by e-mail, for a small fee of $50, or use it to re-calculate your estimated taxes. If you like the results, you call or text us at (973) 464-6987 for a free on phone consultation. 
  • We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours; to set up time for FREE online consultation to discuss your tax plan and the possible refund, if any, that you can expect.
  • If you wish to proceed, we would then ask you to e-mail the completed Check List and copies of the W-2, 1099s, and other supporting documents.
  • We will plan/prepare your taxes and email you the "Tax Refund Analysis and Fee Agreement".
  • Once we have the fee agreement on file, we will finish work on your tax file, text you the Turbo Tax "Audit Risk Meter" chart for your review before filing the tax return on your behalf.

Minimum fee payment of $500 dollars is required to file your tax return. Balance of the fee, if any, depends on the amount of the refund and is payable only after you get your refund(s) from the taxing authorities.

We accept new referrals for AI Tax Planning from trustworthy clients and pay up to $500 in finder's fee.

Check List For Tax Year 2023 (Cut, Paste and Print)

1.      Name, Social Security Numbers and Date of Birth 


         Your Spouse_____________________________________________________________________

         Dependents (1)___________________________________________________________________


2.    State ID or Driver License Number Details (New requirement; image of State issued IDs)

3.    For Direct Deposit / Payment

Bank Name: ______________________Account Type: Checking ____Saving_____

Routing Number ________________Bank Account No.______________________

4.    Income and Expense Information

Income: W-2 and 1099s from all employers for whom you and your spouse worked during the year 

Investment Income

·         Interest income - Form 1099-INT (If you have online account check your statement)

·         Dividend income - Form 1099-DIV

·         Stocks Sales – Form 1099-B (Proceeds from the sale of stocks, bonds, etc.) 

5.    Income from State and Local Income Tax Refunds for previous year-2022

·         Form 1099-G from state or local governments if any

6.    Child Care Expense

·         Total Amount Paid

·         Child care provider's Name, Address, and Telephone

·         Provider's tax ID or Social Security number

7.      Education Expense

·         Tuition statement - Form 1098-T

8.      Student Loan Interest

·         Form 1098-E showing interest paid, or

·         Loan statements

9.     IRA Contributions

·         Year-end account summary or bank statements

10. Itemized Deductions:

·         Home mortgage interest form 1098

·         Property Tax paid for tax year

·         Home equity loan and credit card interest paid in 2023

Charity Contributions and related travel expenses

·         Self Employed and Business related Travel

·         Make, model and year of ownership [or lease] of all automobiles

·         All capital purchases made during the year 2023

·         Expenses for uniforms, uniform care, shoes, trade equipment, subscriptions, licenses and job/business insurances

·         Medical, Dental, Eye Care, Hearing and Preventive and self-care expenses

·         Legal fees, Investment Advisory fees and Tax preparation fees paid

·         Expenses and fees related to meetings, meet-ups, seminars, and conferences

·         Loss of property, equipment and personal belongings (clothing, shoes, glasses, smartphones, etc.) 

11. Moving Expenses

·         For year 2023, only members of Armed forces can take moving expenses

12. F-1 Students Will Send Separate Template for Required Documents 

13. Applying for ITIN for Spouse/ dependent

·         Click on the following link for new changes


·         ITIN application form W-7

14. Self Employed, S Corp, LLC Returns

·         Name of Business, EIN Number, Nature of Business

·         Income from business or 1099 MISC

·         Detail expenses (Categorized)       

      15. Starting a Business 
  • Start up expenses, Meeting, Conferences, Seminars
  • Professional Consulting and Legal
  • Registrations, Licensing, Permits, Business Insurance, Fire Insurance, Liability Insurance
  • Memberships, Association Dues, Union Dues
  • Advertising, Promotions, Branding, Website, Directory Listings, Social Media
  • Communications, Phones, Cell Phones, Internet, Answering Services
  • Travel, Tolls, Parking, Local travel, Auto Expenses and Mileage
  • Health Insurance, Masks, Sanitizers, Uniforms, Shoes, Uniforms
  • Rents, Home office, and Misc. Expenses
16. Reporting Foreign Assets

·         Form 8938 requirement: if the value of your foreign assets exceeds $100,000 on the last day of any tax year or $150,000 at any time during the year (for married filing jointly); Half of those amounts for single filers.

·         If the value of your foreign accounts exceeds $10,000 at any time during the tax year

You will have to file FBAR by new deadline which is xx/xx/xxxx

See details:

[FBAR is not part of our tax filing… you have to file at your own.] 

17. Medical Insurance:

·         Provide information of your/family coverage in 2023

     Form 1095A required only for who insured through Obama Care

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