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PicoPro and PicoAir | Pico Projectors by Celluon

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Celluon PicoPro | Laser HD Pico Projector

  • Infinite Focus: There is no need to adjust focus, ever. With its laser engine, the image always stays in focus even as you freely change angle, distance and surface. No mechanical parts or user intervention.
  • High Definition Images: 1920 x 720p resolution offers amazing clarity packing in even more pixels than standard 720p.
  • HDMI A to D Cable Connection: Connect to HDMI compatible devices to share your images and videos. iOS users will need to use Lightning AV Adapter(Not included). Wireless: PicoPro' s wireless feature is made for Mira cast-enabled Android devices.
  • Battery Life & Silent Operation: PicoPro can stream 2+ hours wireless or up to 3+ hours with HDMI connection. PicoPro' s advanced technology eliminates the bulky and noisy fan in other projectors, so the only sound you hear is the sound you choose.
  • Bright and Vivid: With an 80,000:1 contrast ratio and laser brightness, color and image quality are stunning.

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Seattle, Wash. (PRWEB) April 10, 2015

Celluon, a global leader in mobile projection technologies, is pleased to announce the retail availability of the PicoPro and PicoAir. The pocket-sized PicoPro and PicoAir, the only HD laser pico projectors in the world, allow users to create immersive viewing experiences wherever they may be: at home, the office, visiting friends or family, and even outdoors. The PicoPro and PicoAir are now available for purchase at

The PicoPro and PicoAir project 1920 X 720p HD images—a custom resolution that packs in more pixels than the standard 720p image. The PicoAir is optimized for Miracast-enabled Android devices while the PicoPro also offers the added function of wired connectivity via HDMI for iOS users and those who want the most connectivity options.

The PicoPro and PicoAir can also connect wirelessly to most Windows 8.1 laptops with Miracast.

With a contrast ratio of 80,000:1 and 16.7M colors, the PicoPro and PicoAir create an extraordinarily vivid picture at up to 250”. By incorporating MicroVision’s patented PicoP® display technology, the HD laser pico projectors produce a perpetually clear image that is always in focus with a broad color gamut unmatched by any other pico projection technology.

The PicoPro and PicoAir’s best-in-class laser display engine technology allows them to appear notably brighter than traditional LED pico projectors of similar lumens when viewed side by side. And, as ambient light decreases, the PicoPro and PicoAir have an ever-improving image.

In a thin, light, and portable wireless package, the PicoPro and PicoAir also pack in a built-in battery with a life of 2-3.5 hours, a 1W speaker, and 3.5mm audio jack for superior usability. Celluon’s pico projectors break free from the bothersome fans typically associated with projectors, remaining cool in operation while offering a fanless, noiseless experience. To complete the package, the PicoPro and PicoAir come with a holding mount, allowing users to stabilize their projections anytime, anyplace. Users can also customize their look by selecting black, white, gold, or white/gray color options.

The PicoPro ($349.99) and PicoAir ($299.99) are available now for sale at

To learn more about Celluon’s entire line of products showcasing laser projection technologies, including the famed Epic laser keyboard and evoMouse, please visit

PicoP is a registered trademark of MicroVision, Inc.

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