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FB Virtual Assistant is your all-in-one Facebook Automation tool. Post to groups on autopilot with Spinning. Extract UIDs and email addresses from Groups. Join up to 6000 groups with 1 click. No monthly fee.

Standard Edition is for use on 1 computer.

Benefits of FB Virtual Assistant Post Perfect Module:

Promote to Your Ideal Target Audience:
Find your target audience by keyword. Put your message in front of them where they already hang out.

Facebook™ never knows it’s running in the background. It interacts with Facebook™ the same way you would if you were at a computer all day. (Now you don’t have to be.)

Completely Customizable:
You have total control of how many groups to post to per day, how frequently to post, and the frequency and length of breaks.

Built-In Randomization:
Variable break lengths, break durations, and batch sizes make the Group Poster’s actions seem almost human. With the built-in text spinner, you can vary your text and your links.

Set it and Forget It:
Set it to run around the clock for you and free your time. Spend less time posting and more time doing what you love.

Full Post Functionality:
Post Youtube™ videos that play in newsfeed. Post images with links. Post websites with preview. Post plain text. If you can post it, FB Virtual Assistant can post it for you.

FB Virtual Assistant Features Currently Available:

Group Guerrilla Module:
Upload your list of keywords and find thousands of groups at once. Organized by keyword. Get Group Name, URL, and Number of Members. Compatible with most spreadsheets and text editors.

Party Crasher Module:
No more repetitive mouse clicking. Just upload your list of groups, click “Join” and let it run in the background. Fully customizable timing and batch sizes. Randomization makes it seem human.

Post Perfect Module:
No more copy/paste. Just upload your list of groups (with optional photo), then set it and forget it. Fully customizable. Spin capabilities. Randomization. Inline streaming Youtube videos and website preview. No branding to give away the fact that you’re using software.

Secret Test Group Service Module:
Preview your posts in our secret test groups. Ensure your content will display as intended before you post. Especially helpful when spinning text.

Lead Scout Module:
Find thousands and thousands of prospects who belong to groups that you specify. Capture their Facebook email addresses and extract their UIDs for ultra-precise PPC custom audience targeting.

Original Gangster Graph Search Module:
Do you want to run open graph searches and get your prospects’ Name, Facebook Email, URL and UID for your custom PPC audiences? Or send them a friend request or message? Done. Now That’s Gangster!



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