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Cost Free Online Business Advertising & Daily Income for Marketers

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Massive Web Traffic Source


Advertise your Business Cost Free


And Daily Income Opportunity for Affiliates & Marketers


LeRumba offers high quality Ad services and targeted web traffic to global businesses at affordable prices, and shares revenues with its members─ both business advertisers and affiliates. Their membership program is free and provides high quality compensation for people seeking for a way to earn money online along with complete account privacy, top level online security, efficient account management, and a dedicated support team.



LeRumba is an advertising, promotions, and targeted web traffic company─ with 50,000+ Virtual Town Squares, that shares revenue with its members─ both business advertisers and affiliates.  The revenue is shared between members who are qualified to receive it.


How to Qualify

To qualify, you need to become a member─ at absolutely no cost, and buy one or more AdPacks to advertise your business, and view to click on 10 member adverts per day for 55 days… regardless of how many AdPacks are purchased. That’s all there is to it and takes about 10 minutes.


What’s an AdPack?

AdPack is one unit of web traffic bundled [1 AdPack = 20 banner Ad clicks and 1,000 Web page views] that brings traffic to your business, but also allows you a share of the company revenues. Each AdPack is priced at $50 USD.


How it Works for Business Advertisers – cost Free Advertising  


There are two components…

1.      When you subscribe to a featured LeRumba Directory listing for your business, you get a 15 page customized Marketing Plan… and 2,000+ Ad impressions/actions on your directory listing. The amount of Ad impressions/actions delivered is shown at the bottom of your Directory Business listing.

2.      As our affiliate company [Traffic Monsoon] earns Ad revenue, your AdPack earns along with it. Your earnings are updated every hour on the back office dashboard. The AdPack expires when it reaches $55 in earned income. The interesting point to note is: the AdPack works for you to bring traffic to your business website, as well as, it fully returns your AdPack cost of $50, plus it makes you 10% profit on your AdPack as reward for being an active member.


If you’re wondering how that is possible… just remember the 10 page view clicks on member adverts that you made per day for 55 days. It took 10 minutes of your time per day, but the rewards are well worth it.


How it Works for Marketers in Real Life – income with AdPacks

For the last 7 months, the earnings have been a consistent $1 per day per AdPack.  The power of this comes in the compounding. Let’s take an example of having 10 AdPacks. You would be earning $10 per day. In 5 days, you would have approximately $50 in your account. At this stage, you can purchase another AdPack with your earnings. You now have 11 AdPacks and so you would be earning $11 per day. This continues until you have 50 AdPacks, where you would be earning $50 per day and you could buy an AdPack every day. So on and so forth.


You can withdraw your balance at any time, instantly into your Paypal (or Payza) account. However, accumulating AdPacks in your account, by buying more AdPacks is a more lucrative strategy. For example, one of my associates started with a relatively small number of packs and now has 550 packs and is earning $550 per day. His aim is to get to 1000 packs and start taking his initial deposit out. Naturally the more AdPacks you start with, the faster you will get to a good level of daily earning. Everyone gets where they want to be in the end, from wherever you start, it’s just a case of how quick you get there.


Here’s the link to AdPack Earnings Calculator…


Coming soon!!!


How it Works for Affiliates in Real Life – income with Referrals

It is not necessary to refer LeRumba to friends, family, of associates. However, it can be very rewarding to them─ as it will be for you, and the referral commissions can mean substantial income for you.


You make 10% of any purchases that your referral makes. Once someone starts in this business they don’t quit – because the AdPacks expire every 55 days and everyone keeps purchasing to either stay at their current level of earning or increase it with more AdPacks. Plus, you get advertising credits which you can use for your own website, or you can promote other people’s products for commissions.


LeRumba ─ the Company

LeRumba ( is the next generation online marketing platform that provides local businesses with simple and effective ways; to manage and grow their investment in the increasingly complex online, social media, and mobile marketing space.


LeRumba’s online marketing ecosystem for the world; offers local advertising, promotions, and Town Square platform, to enable brand building and customer acquisition capabilities that were previously only available to larger organizations.  By using online tools that are built-in the LeRumba platform− and expert marketing advice, our clients’ can leverage their marketing campaigns with our unmatched Internet marketing ecosystem− including an Affiliate Partner Program that engages the enthusiasm and tenacity of thousands around the globe.


LeRumba offers 50,000+ Virtual Town Squares around the World...


Our vision: “To create local Advertising, Promotions, and Online Marketing ecosystem for small businesses and consumers... and develop virtual Town Squares for the world ─ an online public space for all people to gather anywhere from anywhere."

Our mission: is to create local Town Square for each and every town/city in the world; a public space for all people to gather virtually to network, promote, buy, sell, trade, find jobs, share news, views, reviews, knowledge, and resources, make deals address community issues, share & plan events and festivals, socialize, entertain, and find attractions and things to do around their town.

Traffic Monsoon – the Company

As a company, our affiliate Traffic Monsoon business model has been investigated and approved by the Utah Securities Commission in United States.  They have been investigated and approved by Paypal, their main financial partner, and labeled as ‘low risk’.


Any AdPack purchases you make are also backed by the Paypal Buyer Protection, which lasts for 180 days. Furthermore, the company revenues have doubled and then doubled again in the last 3 months. A couple of weeks ago the Paypal balance was at 58 million. After one year of operation they are growing at an incredible rate.


Want to advertise your Business cost Free? Go to and experience it for yourself.

Did you know how Facebook, Google, and Yahoo make billions each quarter in advertising revenue? Well it’s no secret…

  • ·         When you click on Facebook website… Facebook makes money.
  • ·         When you click on Yahoo website… Yahoo makes money.
  • ·         When you click on Google website… Google makes money.
  • ·         When you click on your member site at Traffic Monsoon… you get free traffic to your business website and you make money.

For more information and to become a member:


Go to and click on Yes! I Want Traffic™



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LeRumba TrafficMonsoon Affiliate Jocelyn Choinacki
Jocelyn Choinacki
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