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LeRumba Affiliate Wendy Luo
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We are Recruiting Thousands of Affiliate Partners from Around the Globe

Affiliates Get Businesses Online & Offer DFY Digital Marketing Services

We Help Businesses with Local Presence in 100,000 Towns/Cities of the World

"Ecosystem of 100,000+ Town Squares covering 2 million communities worldwide for Business, Community Services, Social Networking and
One-click searches for what's important in life".

Reoccurring Passive Income from LeRumba Affiliate Marketing in your Town

Members & Affiliate Partners can Earn $1,000 to $10,000 per Month

How it Works:

  • Affiliates create 5 page Microsites for Businesses and post Online LeRumba Global Directory
  • Affiliates Promote Business Online & Social Media using our Marketing Tools & Services
  • Featured Listings get 200 to 1,000 visitors to business website per month
  • Businesses & Consumers can sign-up as Affiliate Partners
  • Affiliate Partners get paid up to 40% of Featured Listings and Marketing Services Revenue 
  • Refer others to join as Affiliates & you can earn additional 10% override 
  • Plus get one Phantom Stock for each Active Business Customer or Affiliate.

That's the magic of daily income from Internet and social media that pays for likes and clicks in the trillion dollar global advertising market. 


Here’s the elevator pitch…

Did you know how Facebook and Google make billions each quarter in advertising revenues? Well it’s no secret…

  • When you click on Facebook ads… Facebook makes over $1.50 to $9 per click
  • When you click on Google banner ads… Google makes over $1.50 to $199 per click.

Now let me ask you…

You created the content and you made the clicks… but how much of that per click revenue on Google or on Facebook was shared with you?

Nada… Zero!!!

Well, that’s about to change with LeRumba...

Working together, we see the potential of attracting over a billion active members globally. This will create massive global web traffic, and millions of businesses around the globe could consume such traffic for their business at a very reasonable cost─ or at zero cost when they become active Affiliate partners. Now, that would bring about a paradigm shift in social media that pays and help distribute the billions of Ad dollars among the consumers rather than the handful social media giants like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc…

We call this: “Democratization of Social Media”. Ironically, social media was supposed to be a democratic beast by its very nature.  However, it has evolved in such a way that only a handful of companies benefit financially as they have figured out the way to monetize it massively.

We are working to force a paradigm shift...

... and building local communities of business advertisers and consumers at a global scale, reaching into billions. That will give the local businesses the web traffic they want, and you the consumers & marketers the opportunity to make multiple streams of second income.

With proper filters and Geo targeting, ads from local businesses will be seen by local communities of members.


Step 1: Sign-up for LeRumba Affiliate Program

Step 2: Register & Create Your LeRumba Micro Website: Create Business Listing

 Step 3: Promote Your LeRumba Affiliate Business: DIY Marketing Center



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LeRumba - Fort Ad Pays Affiliate Wendy Luo
Wendy Luo
Union NJ 07083
United States
(908) 759-3462Main Phone
LeRumba - Fort Ad Pays Affiliate Wendy Luo Wendy  Luo
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